New Technology


Cerec Crowns In One Day

Porcelain crowns transmit the light like natural teeth and do not darken them like conventional porcelain fused to metal crowns. Our office is proud to be one of the few in the West Palm Beach area that uses the Cerec system to fabricate computer designed and milled porcelain crowns in one day. Click here for details on Porcelain Crowns in One Day.



Laser Technology


Waterlase Laser

We are the proud owners of another piece of technology (the dental laser) that enhances the quality of our services. The Waterlase Laser allows us to provide our patients with Minimally Invasive Dentistry that is less traumatic, heals faster with less discomfort and with conservation of healthy tissue. Laser Dentistry is being utilized more and more in dentistry with excellent results for our patients.For more information on the Waterlase Dental Laser, click here.



Our Latest Technology


The Dental Microscope

Our newest aquisiton in dental technology is the Surgical Microscope. The incredible amount of detail that we can see, and was not visible before, allows us to provide the excellent results that we strive for in our work.
The surgical microscope has already become the standard of care in Root Canal Therapy, and allows visualization of areas and conditions that, if unseen, would cause treatment failure.
We are extremely happy to be one of the very few General Dentists in Palm Beach County utilizing the surgical microscope in the treatment of our patients.




Free Dental Work For Christmas 2011


In previous years, and in the spirit of Christmas giving Dr. Boudet has given a deserving needy person all the dental work needed to fix their mouth for free.

Considering the bad economic situation that we continue to endure, Dr. Boudet and his caring team is proposing to do the same this year. They would like to offer a needy, deserving individual the opportunity to get his or her mouth fixed with free dental work as a Christmas gift. This is WPTV Channel 5 video report of Dr Boudet's offer.


The office is asking that anyone who wants to nominate an individual to receive this gift of free dental work, send a letter or email to the office with a brief explanation of why this person deserves to receive this free dental work.

Interested individuals can send the information to the following address:

Carlos Boudet, DDS
Attention: Free Dental Work
1840 Forest Hill Blvd, Suite #204
West Palm Beach, Florida. 33406

Or via email at:

The last day that the office will be accepting letters or emails is the 15th of December of 2011, and the selected individual will be posted the 25th of December of 2011 on this page.

We would like to thank WPTV Channel 5 and El Latino newspaper for spreading the word to the community.

Happy holidays and may God bless you.


We would like to congratulate Mariana Lopez DaCunha. She was selected the recipient of the gift of free dental work for Christmas 2011 among many deserving individuals.