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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure by which the dentist takes the nerve out of a tooth in cases where the nerve has been damaged by a cavity, trauma, or other reasons. This procedure allows the individual to keep a tooth or a molar that may have had to be removed. A tooth treated with a successful root canal should be without pain or discomfort.

When is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Root canal treatment is necessary to save a tooth when th pulp(the tissue inside the tooth) dies, gets infected or inflamed due to a deep cavity, trauma, fractures, etc... When the pulp is damaged this way, it usually causes pain and inflamation. Even when there isn't any pain, the dead pulp tissue can cause bone destruction around the tip of the root, or darken the tooth , resulting in a less attractive smile.
The treatment requires usually one visit, during which the dentist removes the pulp tissue from the canal(s) with small files then enlarges them and seals them with a special material. After the root canal is completed and the tooth is comfortable the tooth needs to be restored, which means that a hard filling material needs to be placed to repair the damaged area of the tooth, and many times a crown is recommended to protect the tooth which may be weak and more likely to fracture than an intact tooth. Please watch this short video that explains how a cavity can grow and cause a tooth to need a root canal

How long does a tooth treated with a root canal last?

Your tooth after a root canal needs to be restored with a filling or a crown to seal it and protect it. If the tooth is weak or badly damaged, it is very important to protect it with a crown, otherwise the tooth can break and you will risk loosing the tooth. It is also very important to keep the supporting tissues healthy (the gums and the bone around the tooth). If you get regular checkups and cleanings, restore the tooth properly,and keep your gums healthy, your tooth could last a lifetime.

The Surgical Microscope

Our newest aquisiton in dental technology is the Surgical Microscope. The incredible amount of detail that we can see, and was not visible before, allows us to provide the excellent results that we strive for in our work.
The surgical microscope has already become the standard of care in Root Canal Therapy, and allows visualization of areas and conditions that, if unseen, would cause treatment failure.
We are extremely happy to be one of the few General Dentists in Palm Beach County utilizing the surgical microscope in the treatment of our patients.